SZC supports the practice and study of Zen Buddhism. People become members when they have been sitting with SZC for several months, and feel ready to deepen their commitment to the practice and the community, when it feels right. The many benefits of membership include: contributing financially to the teaching of the Dharma and sharing it with others, establishing relationships with our teachers and Zen practitioners; receiving our bi-monthly newsletter and our quarterly journal Mind Moon Circle; reduced fees for sesshin and retreats; involvement with other SZC activities including Board meetings, study groups and women’s groups. Membership also entitles the person to the use of Kodoji at Gorricks Run. Out-of-town members are welcome.

For Sydney residents the membership fee is $430. For unwaged or out-of-town members the fee is $320.

Our membership fees contribute to the rental of the Annandale zendo, the upkeep of Kodoji, financial support for the teachers, and the many other activities of the group.

Resolving Conflicts and Grievances

All conflict resolution at Sydney Zen Centre will be guided by the principles outlined within the 2016 Resolving Conflicts and Grievances document prepared by the SZC ethics committee.

Download the Resolving Conflicts and Grievances document: SZC RESOLVING CONFLICTS AND GRIEVANCES

The Sydney Zen Centre ethics committee consists of Julie Robinson, Janet Selby and Diana Levy. Email Contact: Julie Robinson –  julesandco@live.com.au