Neuroscience & Meditation Weekend: March 12-13 February 22, 2016

There is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a weekend
with researchers and long term meditators at Kodoji.

Dr Britta Biedermann, SZC member and researcher at Curtin Uni, WA describes
the weekend like this:

What questions would meditators like to have answered from Cognitive
Scientists or Neuroscientists? What questions have researchers for
meditators? We are anticipating a weekend of curiosity, creativity and
development of questions. One main aim is to understand both the scientific
and the meditative perspective, and eventually ‘exchange and expand our
view points’

Cost: $120 for non-members and $100 for members – includes 4 meals,
teaching, and accommodation.
Please let Britta know soon, if you’re keen to come. There are limited

Detailed info about the weekend: Neuroscience+weekend+Feb+2016