Seamless Tomb

Emperor Su Tsung asked the National Teacher Hui Chung, “After you die, whatwill you need?” The National Teacher said, “Build a seamless tomb for me”. The Emperorasked, “please tell me master, what does this tomb look like?” The National teacher remained silent for a long time and then asked, “do you understand?” The Emperorsaid, “I dontunderstand”. The dialogue continues. The

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Silent Illumination

 Subhana gives meditation instructions, an introduction and guided meditation practice on Silent Illumination.  Silent Illumination is a both a practice and the direct realisation of mind.  It was developed by Chinese Zen master Hongzhi and has its roots in Shamata Vipassana practice of early Buddhism.  It was later called Shikantaza in Japanese Zen &/or Just Sitting.   This teisho was given by Subhana Barzaghi

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What is Buddha?

This talk by Jane Andino deals with the question presented in many koans: ‘What is Buddha?’ What does it mean to be awake? What does it mean, in the words of Yuanwu’s pointer to Case 7 of the Blue Cliff Record, to ‘have personally heard the single word before sound?’ This teisho was given at the SZC Winter Sesshin 2022

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