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Allan Marett

Allan Marett received Dharma transmission from Subhana Barzaghi in July 2018. Allan was appointed an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha in 2011. He has co-taught sesshin with Subhana Barzaghi, Paul Maloney and Maggie Gluek. Allan now lives in Adelaide and occasionally comes to Sydney to teach. Allan began his formal Zen training under Yamada Koun Roshi in 1976. Shortly after the establishment of the SZC, he became a student of Robert Aitken. Subsequently he has studied with John Tarrant, Subhana Barzaghi and other Diamond Sangha teachers. He has a particular interest in pilgrimage and regularly walks the Henro pilgrimage in Shikoku, Japan. In 2007, Allan retired from the post of Professor of Musicology at the University of Sydney, where apart from a period as Professor of Music at the University of Hong Kong in the 1990s, he had taught since 1978. His areas of academic interest include Sino-Japanese music history, Australian Aboriginal music and Japanese Noh theatre.