2015 Events Schedule: Intro to Zen courses and more!

Regular Activities

Beginners’ Orientation

Orientations on Monday and Wednesday nights by appointment only. See orientations page for details.

Orientations evenings introduce the basics of Zen practice: posture; the various meditation techniques; mindfulness practice in daily life; and discussion on the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of Zen Buddhism.

Sitting meditation group program

Regular sitting and walking meditation groups are offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the city Zendo (251 Young Street, Annandale).


The SZC offers a monthly Sunday morning meditation groups (zazen-kai) which are offered on the third Sunday of each month, from 8:30 am to 12 PM, at the city Zendo (251 Young St. Annandale). Each zazen-kai includes a dharma talk.


Several sesshin, or intensive meditation retreats, are held each year. Sesshins are usually five to seven days long and conducted residentials. They take place in Autumn, Spring and mid-Summer at the SZC’s country retreat centre, Kodoji the Ancient Ground Zendo at Gorricks Run. ‘Sesshin’ means ‘to touch the heart-mind’ and is a time of intensive Zen training.


The Ancient Ground Zendo at Gorricks Run is a beautiful retreat Centre on 40 acres of land nestled in a deep valley, and surrounded by sandstone cliffs which border the Yengo National Park. It is approximately two hours north-north west of Sydney near St. Albans. The facilities include a cottage equipped with a kitchen, dormitory style sleeping quarters, bush showers and a large and magnificent dojo (meditation hall). See the Kodoji retreats calendar (PDF).