Mind Moon Circle

Mind Moon Circle is a seasonal journal with pieces written and edited by Sydney Zen Centre members. It has been published for over 30 years. All copyright belongs to the authors, illustrators, artists, photographers and poets in the journal.

If you’re not a SZC member you can receive a hard copy of Mind Moon Circle by paying an annual subscription fee of $28.
Please notify Jason, the treasurer: zazender@fastmail.fm
Bank transfer to: BSB 062-182 Account No: 1013 7103 and put your last name and MMC as the description.


Spring 2019 – Zen and Philosophy (Available online when the Summer 2019/20 MMC is published)

Winter 2019 – Zen and Ageing 

Autumn 2019 – Walking Fearlessly into the Darkness

Summer 2018/19 – Selfless Service

Spring 2018 – Resonance

Late Autumn 2018 – Dear beginner

Summer 2017/18 – Humour

Spring 2017 – Home

Winter 2017 – Trees

Summer 2016/17 – Zen and the Way of the Heart

Spring 2016 – Rebirth

Winter 2016 –  Zen and the Shadow

Autumn 2016 – Sounds of Sangha

Summer 2015/16 – Sydney Zen Centre’s 40th Anniversary

Autumn 2011 – Kodoji, Ancient Ground Temple

Winter 2009 – 50th Anniversary of the Diamond Sangha

Summer 2005 – A Void Dance

Winter 1991