Autumn Sesshin

Friday 19th to Friday 26th April –  including Good Friday, April 19 and Easter Monday, April 22. This sesshin will be led by Subhana Barzaghi, roshi and Maggie Gluek, roshi.

The four Bodhisattva vows, recited at every Zen gathering or ceremony, set forth the fundamental aspiration of our Zen practice— that all beings may be liberated.

The many beings are numberless, I vow to save them. On the cushion, this first vow is a matter to be realised for oneself, as oneself. But it is also a matter to be taken up practically, in the world. Right now, with our earth household under threat and with extinctions occurring rapidly, how can I usefully manifest the wisdom and compassion of the Bodhisattva to protect humans and non-humans alike? The next three vows follow naturally. How to abandon the greed, hatred, and ignorance that are at the root of today’s crisis? How to be awake to the Dharma at any given time? How can this body act as the Buddha?
Sitting at Kodoji, immersed in the beauty of the natural world, the fact of “world as self” is clear. May we do our deep work here and carry it across, each of us in our own inimitably unique way!

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Sesshin affords a unique opportunity to deepen and broaden practice. It’s an adventure too! Who ever knows what will manifest in the Dharma realms? Having said that, we can know that there’ll be lots of zazen (“the dharma gate of great ease and joy” as memorably described by Dogen), that feet will walk inside and outside the dojo, that meals will be savoured with focussed attention, that regular interviews and teisho will be on offer, that the beauty and power of Kodoji will hold and inspire us all.

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Please plan to arrive at Kodoji by 2pm, or earlier! There’s plenty to be done in the way of setting up, putting food away, preparing for supper and organising one’s own tent or sleeping situation.

Note too that Good Friday traffic can be challenging, with (sometimes) long waits for the ferry. So, please allow plenty of time for the journey.

Jane Andino


SZC will also hold other sesshins during 2019:

Winter Sesshin at Annandale, led by Paul Maloney and Jane Andino (non-residential)
Saturday June 8 – Wednesday June 12 (incl. Queens Birthday June 10) Contact: Julie Robinson

Spring sesshin at Kodoji, led by Gillian Coote
Saturday October 5 – Saturday October l2 (includes Labour Day Oct 7) Contact: Janet Selby

Rohatsu sesshin at Annandale, led by Jane Andino (non-residential)
Wednesday December 4 to Sunday December 8   Contact: Diana Levy


  Open Time Close Time Teacher Address
17/04/2021 5:00 AM 9:00 PM Maggie Gluek – Friends Dojo, Subhana Barzaghi Kodoji, Gorricks Run, Upper MacDonald Valley
17/04/2021 5:00 AM 9:00 PM Maggie Gluek – Friends Dojo, Subhana Barzaghi Kodoji, Gorricks Run, Upper MacDonald Valley
5:00 AM - 9:00 PM - with Maggie Gluek – Friends Dojo, Subhana Barzaghi - at Kodoji, Gorricks Run, Upper MacDonald Valley
5:00 AM - 9:00 PM - with Maggie Gluek – Friends Dojo, Subhana Barzaghi - at Kodoji, Gorricks Run, Upper MacDonald Valley

Maggie Gluek received Dharma transmission from Subhana Barzaghi roshi in April 2015 . She has been an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha from 2003 and has been part of the collegial teaching team at the Sydney Zen Centre for many years. She has co-taught sesshin with Subhana and Gillian Coote, offers dokusan at Annandale when the opportunity presents itself and gives dharma talks at zazenkai, including with the Canberra Zen Group. She has her own sangha, Friends Dojo, in Wahroonga, Sydney. She began Zen practise in 1983 at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Centre, while on leave in her home town. Upon returning to Australia, she found the Sydney Zen Centre and took up formal koan study with Robert Aitken Roshi. She continued her study with John Tarrant and completed it with Subhana Barzaghi. She has long experience of leadership in the sangha. Maggie has degrees in literature and psychology. Currently she works as a bush regenerator. She is married with two adult children and several grandchildren.

Subhana Barzaghi, a senior resident teacher of the Sydney Zen Centre, has been practising meditation for over 40 years. She has studied in Australia and California with John Tarrant Roshi, in Japan with Yamada Koun Roshi, and in Australia and Hawaii with Robert Aitken Roshi, the founder of the Diamond Sangha. Subhana received Dharma transmission in 1996 from Aitken Roshi and John Tarrant Roshi at our bush zendo, Kodoji Subhana Barzaghi is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, a mother of two children, and a grandmother. She was a founding member of the 'Bodhi Farm' community in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, where she lived for 20 years. She was also the founder of the Kuan Yin Zen Centre in Lismore. Subhana is a Registered Religious Marriage Celebrant, and also teaches in the Vipassana Insight Meditation tradition. She leads workshops, Zen sesshins and Vipassana retreats at a variety of centres in Australia and New Zealand. Subhana has mentored and appointed eight Apprentice Teachers in the Diamond Sangha tradition.