The Sydney Zen Centre is Australia’s original Zen Buddhist community. For over forty years, we have been encouraging and supporting the practice and study of Zen Buddhism, with the goals of helping practitioners awaken to their self-nature and, through wise and compassionate responses, relieving the suffering in the world.

If you are engaged with the Sydney Zen Centre, please consider becoming a member. Membership fees are essential to the functioning of the Centre, allowing us to pay stipends to our teachers, maintain our Annandale city zendo and Kodoji bush zendo, and meet our regular expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance and website.

Membership allows you to participate in the running of the Centre. Membership also provides the benefits of free attendance at all regular scheduled events (i.e. in lieu of the facility fee we request for casual attendance), engagement with our teachers via private interviews, discounts for retreats, and access to Kodoji.

Whilst the Centre is reliant on membership fees, we recognise that our membership is diverse, and we don’t want financial grounds to preclude anyone from participating.

Please note: Fees have slightly increased for 2021/2022 from last year. 

Therefore we offer membership at the following suggested minimum rates:

Annual: $468      Bi-Annual: $234    Quarterly $117     Monthly: $39

Annual: $234      Bi-Annual $117     Quarterly $ 58.50      Monthly: $19.50

Our financial year is 1 July to 30 June. If you are joining as a new member, please pro-rate these fees from the month you join.

The standard rate minimum is applicable to those whose income (in employment, investment, or retirement) is sufficient to make these amounts affordable.
The concessional rate minimum applies to those with very limited income.

We are grateful to many current and previous members who have been generous with their membership fees. Our suggested minimum standard rate is less than 1% of Australian average income. So if you are financially comfortable, please consider increasing your membership fee above the standard rate. Similarly, if you think your income falls between concessional and standard, you might adjust your membership fee accordingly.

If you wish to discuss your financial circumstances, please talk in confidence to our Treasurer, Jason Koh:

The Sydney Zen Centre relies on the financial support of its members and visitors.  If you are a non-member participating in our on-line meditation program, we request a facility fee of $5. If you visit our zendo at Annandale for zazen the facility fee is $10 (provided your income makes this affordable).  You can pay this directly to our bank account – details below. Please tag the payment with your name and the letters “FF”.

2021/22 Membership & Donation form

Bank transfers made to:
Sydney Zen Centre     BSB: 062 182     Account number: 1013 7103
Please include your last name and the tag “MMB” in the description line


In previous years, we have also been grateful to receive donations from members and non-members to help support the functioning of the Centre.

Over the last couple of years, the Centre has been running at a loss due to the COVID-19 impact on the program and the cancellation of events. Any additional financial support you can provide therefore would be very welcome. 


Sydney Zen Centre would also not be viable without the commitment and voluntary work of many members of the community. We always welcome member involvement in the decision-making and day-to-day administration of the Centre.

If you would like to help or have any ideas, please talk to a member of the Board: Kerry Stewart (Chair), Stephen Crump (Secretary), Jason Koh(Treasurer), Zoe Thurner, Julie Robinson, Helen Sanderson, Pablo Scodellaro or Joe Gaebel.


Some Sydney Zen Centre material is publicly available, e.g. via our newsletter and website, and this material often includes names and photos of Sydney Zen Centre members.

If, for any reason, you do not want your name or photo to be publicly available in this way, please let us know so that we can respect your requirement for privacy.

Making a Bequest in Your Will to the Sydney Zen Centre 

For over 40 years the Sydney Zen Centre has grown through the generous efforts and dedication of its members and teachers. Some members have expressed interest in leaving a monetary gift in their Will as a meaningful and lasting way to support the Sydney Zen Centre.

We understand the decision to leave a gift in your Will is an important and very personal one. We strongly advise you to consult a solicitor in preparing your Will so that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend. 

If you’d like to include Sydney Zen Centre Incorporated in your existing Will, you may simply like to add a Codicil (an amendment to your Will). Codicils are a simple and effective way to make updates without re-writing your entire Will.

You may consider using the following wording as a guide for making a gift to the Sydney Zen Centre. Please note this is not legal advice and should be checked with your solicitor. 

I give and bequeath:

(a) the sum of $(dollar amount); or 

(b) the residue or percentage of the residue of my estate 

 to Sydney Zen Centre Incorporated (ABN 60 955 669 906), 251 Young Street, Annandale, NSW, 2038, in aid of that organisation and for its general purposes, with the written acknowledgement of Sydney Zen Centre Incorporated to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.”

We welcome you to get in touch with one of our Board members if you would like any support, to talk about ways in which your gift would be used, or if you would just like to inform us of your plans regarding making a bequest to Sydney Zen Centre.