All are welcome to participate in orientations to Zen Buddhist practice.

Come along on Tuesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm once a month to 251 Young Street, Annandale or log onto Zoom (see schedule below). Our orientations are a very relaxed way to start your Zen journey. There will be instructions about sitting and walking meditation, as well as some information about Zen philosophy and rituals. Please wear loose dark, preferably black, clothing. It is better not to wear tight fitting jeans or belts to ensure circulation of blood in your legs. When sitting with the group avoid wearing revealing or patterned clothing, perfume and noticeable jewellery, so there are no distractions from your meditation practice.

Details about who to contact to register for an orientation are below. After your orientation you’re welcome to join our regular meditation sessions at Annandale or via Zoom on Thursday evenings.

There is a $20 fee which covers the Orientation night and one other sitting night at Annandale or on Zoom. Please pay directly into SZC bank account: BSB 062 182 Account number: 1013 7103. Please tag with your name, and the word “Orientation”.

Orientations take place by appointment only, so if you wish to attend an orientation you will need to email the person whose name is down for your preferred night (below). Once you have booked please confirm by email a few days before the orientation.

We’re looking forward to meeting you …




No Orientation

Orientation: Tuesday 31st January
Contact: Jill Steverson
Meditation Nights: Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th February

Orientation: Tuesday 28th February
Contact: Aeveen Kirby & Zoe Thurner
Dharma Cafe: Monday 6th & Wednesday 8th March

Orientation: Tuesday 28th March
Contact: Alex Budlevskis
Mediation Nights: Monday 3rd, Wednesday 5th April

Orientation: Tuesday 2nd
Contact: Kerry Stewart
Dharma Cafe: Monday 8th & Wednesday 10th

Orientation: Tuesday 30th May
Contact: Julie Robinson & Kim Bagot
Meditation Nights: Monday 5th & Wednesday 7th

Orientation: Tuesday 27th June
Contact: Sue Bidwell
Dharma Cafe: Monday 3rd & Wednesday 5th

Orientation: Tuesday 25th July
Contact : Julie Robinson & Kim Bagot
Meditation Nights: Monday 31st July & Wednesday 2nd

Orientation: Tuesday 29th August
Contact: Kerry Stewart
Dharma Cafe: Monday 4th & Wednesday 6th September

Orientation: Tuesday 24th October
Contact: Jill Steverson
Meditation Nights: Monday 30th October & Wednesday 1st November

Orientation: Tuesday 21st
Contact: Zoe Thurner & Aeveen Kirby 
Meditation Nights: Monday 27th & Wednesday 29th