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Maggie Gluek

Maggie Gluek has been a dedicated member of the Sydney Zen Centre for many years and is part of the collegial teaching team. She received Dharma transmission from Subhana Barzaghi roshi in April 2015, after being an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha from 2003. She has co-taught sesshin with Subhana and Gillian Coote, offers dokusan at Annandale when the opportunity presents itself and gives dharma talks at zazenkai, including with the Canberra Zen Group. She began Zen practise in 1983 at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Centre, while on leave in her home town. Upon returning to Australia, she found the Sydney Zen Centre and took up formal koan study with Robert Aitken Roshi. She continued her study with John Tarrant and completed it with Subhana Barzaghi. She has long experience of leadership in the sangha. Maggie has degrees in literature and psychology. She is married with two adult children and several grandchildren.