Encouraging Words

Zazenkai – Will Moon adventurer

Will Moon discusses the adventuring mind, playing on the extreme edge of life and how one moment can sometimes have serious consequences. He explores, drawing from his own life, how the extreme behaviour of a wilderness adventurer can provide rich and intense experiences that can become addictive, and its importance in one’s life can overshadow everything. He describes some of his early days of climbing on the big

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Blog – Standing Your Ground, Maggie Gluek

‘Encouraging Words from the Teacher’ was published in the June/July 2017 Newsletter: An oft told story in these parts—and recently told at the autumn sesshin– is that concerning Hsueh-feng, snowed in with his dharma brother and mentor Yen-tou at a place called Turtle Mountain. While Yen-t’ou snoozed, Hsueh-feng spent most of the time doing zazen. “What are you doing sitting like a

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Zazenkai – Jane Andino musician

Musican and Zen practitioner Jane Andino has called her talk ‘Singing and Dancing are the voice of the Law’. Jane discusses and plays an excerpt of one of her compositions related to this quote from Hakuin’s ‘Song of Zazen’. She also explores ‘what is thought that is no-thought?’ and Tung Shan’s Five Modes.

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