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Reading from his book ‘Zen Leopard’ Brendon Stewart reflects upon a recent trip to Japan. Brendon uses the metaphor of a bridge, a very common image in many Japanese wood block prints. His Zen Buddhist practice has been made richer by ideas passing back and forth over the many bridges of history and between his country of birth, Australia and Japan. This

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No difference

“If there is even a bit of difference, it is the remote distance between heaven and earth.” This is a famous Zen saying that has been used many times by the masters of the past and present, but what does it mean? Difference between what and what? Allan Marett, roshi explores a famous exchange between Fayan and his pilgrimage companion Hiushan

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Not Knowing

Not knowing is central to Zen practice. When Fayan and his companions were on pilgrimage, they ran into a snowstorm and took shelter at the temple of Dizang. Dizang asked him why he was wandering around on pilgrimage (a question that pilgrims frequently encounter) and Fayan replied, “I don’t know.” This story is from the Book of Serenity, Case 20,

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