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Palm to Palm

The Buddha’s Way is unsurpassed, I vow to embody it fully. Indeed, the Buddha’s Way is only realised, made real, in and as this human body. Some of our sutras reference the four classic meditation postures. In the Metta Sutta:Whether standing or walking, seated or lying down – free from drowsiness, one should sustain this recollection(that is, of loving kindness).

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Having Problems?

Will explores our relationship between our problems and our practice, and our attitude to our problems. This teisho draws upon several koan examples that involve problems and our approach to our practice. This includes… The Iron Flute case 33: ‘Yueh Shan solves the monk’s problem’ Blue Cliff Record case 6: ‘Every day is a good day’ Gateless Barrier, case 30:

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Ocean of Interbeing

The ocean of inter-being is our true nature. Subhana explores how we can embody the wonder and joy of Indra’s Web of interconnectedness and can enlarge our vision to see our shared world more spaciously and more compassionately. Can you see a cloud in your cup of tea? The present moment is an open field of benefaction. Our interpersonal and relational field and

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The Fullness of Emptiness

The Heart Sutra is the essence of the wisdom teachings of liberation. It is a summary of the Buddha’s awakening experience under the Bodhi Tree. In this dharma talk Subhana explores and clarifies the wonderful yet highly misunderstood teachings of emptiness. Empty of what? Emptiness does not mean annihilation or nihilism or that you do not exist. After investigating all 5 skandhas / aggregates –

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