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Who is Hearing?

Peter takes up two koans that revolve around the primary koan of “Who is Hearing”. Challenging the self to see where we begin and end, we eventually realise it’s not about beginnings or endings at all. There is only one timeless present, sometimes its valley streams, sometimes its rain drops… This teisho, given by apprentice teacher Peter Bursky, explores Xuansha’s

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Silent Illumination

Subhana gives meditation instructions for Silent Illumination, also known as Just Sitting or Shikantaza.  Zen master’s Hongzhi illuminated Silent Illumination as both method and realisation of mind.  She gives a guided meditation of 15 mins, sitting in open expansive spacious awareness and letting go of identification with body and mind.  This talk was given by Subhana Barzaghi at Autumn sesshin

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Giving and Receiving

We recently honoured Sally Hopkins, who gave herself unstintingly to our sangha, and, in a couple of weeks, will honour Tony Coote, who gave so much to create Kodoji, our wilderness retreat centre. So, Gilly explores the concept of Dana, the Sanskrit word for giving or relinquishment. Dana is the first of the Ten Perfections, or Paramitas, the others being

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