The Fullness of Emptiness

The Heart Sutra is the essence of the wisdom teachings of liberation. It is a summary of the Buddha’s awakening experience under the Bodhi Tree. In this dharma talk Subhana explores and clarifies the wonderful yet highly misunderstood teachings of emptiness. Empty of what? Emptiness does not mean annihilation or nihilism or that you do not exist. After investigating all 5 skandhas / aggregates –

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Cultivating the Empty Field

Subhana explores the deep and profound teachings of ‘emptiness’ the selfless dimension or the self-forgotten and its misunderstandings.  What does it mean to cultivate that which is already our inherent true nature, which cannot be cultivated, yet it can be realised.  This Dharma talk inquires into the aspects of the liberated nature of mind: of infinite space, unification of mind and body,

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